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Why Us?

Candidate CV's within 48 hours

Onboarding within 3 days

Vetted, Certified candidates

Plug-n-Play Model

Minimum compliances, we run the payroll

Time zone flexibility

Release resource after project is done

 Support of senior experts 

Save on hiring costs

Save on hiring time

No notice periods before joining

No notice periods before joining

Domain relevance 

Open to travel as needed

Good communication

Dedicated, unshared resource

No long-term commitments

160+ per month man hours guaranteed

Daily work log

Real time screen monitoring

75%+ savings for your project


Most of our work force is based out of India - the hub of software development. Average cost of an India developer would be $25/hour - an equivalent in USA would cost around $100/hour for the same skillset. With so many success stories behind us - you can count on our resources and their technical prowess.

Our Infrastructure.

TheBlockchainTeam is a part of GlobalVox - a IT infra and consultation company based out of United States. These pictures are of our development center in India. We have presence in USA, India and UK. Very soon we will be expanding to Middle East (Dubai) and Europe. Our infrastructure highlight : 

  • 24x7 access
  • 24x7 electricity
  • State of the art Infrastructure
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Dedicated lease line
  • Multiple meeting/huddle rooms for meetings
  • i5/i7 multicore laptops with min. 16 GB RAM

Why top companies hire from TheBlockchainTeam

TheBlockchainTeam is a business vertical of GlobalVox which focuses only on Web 3.0 Solutions. Each team member is vetted, trained and certified with excellent communication and coding skills. Team members of TheBlockchainTeam have successfully developed and deployed Web 3.0 projects for companies of all sizes and industries. Our assurity :

Dedicated, unshared resources

On-time delivery

Quick team scaling

Best-in-class project management

Global quality standards

Time-zone flexibility

Our Recent Projects

Bigdeal Logo
Decentralized Auction
platform on Solana
Crypt Cart Logo
Crypto Exchange
Lexeon Logo
Multi-level Marketing System on ERC20
Escrow Project Logo
Escrow platform built on Binance, Solana & Tron
EGoteeoff Logo
Golf NFT's and gaming
on Polygon
Solster Logo
Launchpad for IDO's
on Solana
Green Universe Coin Logo
Carbon credits trading and NFTs on Binance Network
Ruptok Logo
Gold-backed loans and NFTs on Polygon blockchain


Real projects, Real people, Real deliveries, Real happiness, Real testimonials!

Andrea Brown


Founder : Lexeon

Sameul Meleder


Founder : Chimpare

Richard Dave


Project: Decentralized Escrow Platform